Project Sheet don't show backers and progress


I am setting the FUNDRAISING plugin and I have buddyPress in my web so I have select in SETTING=>BUDDYPRESS the following page (

PROBLEM 1 – I have created 2 news FUNDRAISERS

and in I can found these two Project:

but I don’t understand very well… in these pages there is no backers an progress bar like in the following picture

These are only two page like an “entry in my blog”.


but in my widjet list there is no FUNDRAISER SIDER BAR WIDJET, and in addition I don’t know which is the page where I must introduce FUNDRAISER SIDER BAR WIDJET.

PROBLEM 2 – In the page for each project are only:

a. picture

b. Title

c. description

But there are no a litle “progres bar” and “import goal”, so my question is: how can I create a page like the following?

I hope yyour answer in order to solve the problems.

Thank’s for your support.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @jose Conti, hope you’re doing well today! :slight_smile:

    For question #1, that being the lack of the Fundraising related elements (progress bar, number of backers, etc.), I would advise going through our basic troubleshooting flowchart, found at the bottom of our Getting Support page:

    As it’s possible that we have a conflict on our hands here (as I’m not able to reproduce this on my test site presently).

    On question #2, to create a layout like the one you referenced in that screenshot, you would need to create a custom archive-funder.php template to accomplish that. For this part, this sounds like something you’re going to want to have a developer handle for you, you’d be more than welcome to post a job for this on our Jobs Board:

    Kind Regards,


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