Prompt for desired Pro site level on signup


is there a way to integrate Pro sites into the wp-signup.php form so that it prompts the user to select from one of the available the Pro Site levels defined for that Network?

I currently have defined Pro Site levels on my network:
1. Free
2. Pro
3. Elite

I want to collect the signup credentials as well as desired Pro site level when the user creates a new blog on the network.
Currently there is an option in the Pro Site settings called:

"Show Option on Signup" - Display an option on the signup page
You can force and hide the signup option by linking to the signup page like this: wp-signup.php?pro-site=1

that confusingly asks "Would you like to upgrade this site to Pro?". and regardless of weather the user selects "I'm Interested" or "Not Now" it seems the blog/site is created at the Free level and no prompt is given to select the Pro Site level if "I'm Interested" radio button was selected. Even if I hack in the wp-signup.php?pro-site=1 or 2 or 3 the level at which the new blog created is still Free.

NOTE: I have not set any other Pro Site settings other than defined the pro site levels and checked off "Show Option on Signup"

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Patrick

    Hi there @hoangker

    I hope you're having a great day!

    If the user has checked the "I'm Interested" box at signup, as soon as they log into their new site, they are redirected to the Pro Site page to upgrade their site.

    The Pro Sites plugin cannot function until the site actually exists in the network. So that needs to be created first.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • hoangker

    Hi Patrick,

    thanks for clearing that up:

    The Pro Sites plugin cannot function until the site actually exists in the network. So that needs to be created first.

    If that is the case is there a way I can programmatically set the Pro Site level after the blog has been created? That is, is there a function I can call where I would pass in the Blog Id and Pro Site level that will take care of necessary Pro Site details?



  • hoangker

    What I want to do is streamline the signup process. I want my potential customer to have the option right at the beginning to choose what prosite level he/she wants to setup with.

    What I plan on doing is to write a new sign up form. This form will create the user and the site and store what level the user wants.exactly like edublogs. Once the site is created using wpmu_create_blog(). I would then call a function to set the prosite level. Now, depending on weather or not you can give me that api function or I write my own that will have to wait on wpmu. Is there such a function to set the prosite level?

    I'm just very perplexed as to how Prosites markets itself by using edublog and its signup process as a shining example. Thats great! How do we get that? First there is no easy way to customize the checkout page and or detailed instructions on how to to setup something similar to edublogs. Second, a user has to first create a blog on your Network then upgrade? That process would make much more sense if it were lumped into the initial create blog would it not?



  • Andre Foisy

    Hello there @hoangker,

    I hope you are going well.

    I agree with you there's no easy way for implementing a service in the like as however it is greatly worth the efforts, and you're at the right place to get the right tools and help to do so, and thank you for being a member.

    I pretty much understand how you want to streamline your signup process, and I can confirm that it is true that "a user has to first create a blog on your Network then upgrade", I would even put the emphasis on the fact that this is very likely the very best way to get new users engaged and then becoming eventually a paid services user.

    As far as I can see, if I understand correctly what you want, the way you want to implement the immediate upgrade offer right after signup and before the user can go any further, might require a bit of custom programming. I see that you are already aware and prepared to go into that direction.

    As for learning about the possibilities of creating a service in the like of Edublog, and at the same time to learn more about all the possibilities Pro SItes offers, as well as to help you discover all the many ways to do things, I would invite you to go through the very well done complete video series available on our Youtube Channel.

    I hope that helps you see the light more :wink:

    Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have more questions.


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