Prompt For Registration in Studio Theme

Hi, I just noticed that the Studio Theme Login Panel does not ask for Registration. Didn't notice that! Whoops!

Anyway, how can I

1) Change the Our Community Text to "Join us..."
2) Add Registration as a possibility under user login?


  • dainis

    Just use the text we have for the sign up section (see theme options)

    Can you please tell me where under theme options? I clicked through each tab and figured it'd be "Sign up custom link (enter a custom link if don't want default ones)" under "Branding," but that only changes the button just above the footer and not the text for the pull-out panel (the text next to the + sign).

    In signup-box.php, can I just replace the following:
    <!-- start sign up box -->
    <div id="signup-wrapper"><!-- start #signup-wrapper -->
    <div id="signup-section"><!-- start #signup-section -->
    <div id="signup-about"><!-- start #signup-about -->
    <?php signup_button(); ?>
    <p class="signup">
    <?php echo stripslashes($signupfeat_text); ?>
    <div class="clear"></div>
    </div><!-- end #signup-about -->
    </div><!-- end #signup-section -->
    </div><!-- end #signup-wrapper -->
    <!-- end sign up box -->

    with any ole' registration form, like Wishlist Member or iContact?

  • Tammie

    @dainis: The theme options are under branding and yes they contain the options for that section nothing more I never said they did - the pull out is the login panel NOT sign up section already said those 2 are different. You can put whatever you want haven't explored those options you say as this is a custom edit up to you.

    I am going to advise if you're doing this extensive a change you look into hiring a developer it would be much easier if you did for you.

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