Proper "Drip" Setup or Inheriting Subscriptions and/or Level questions for 3.0

So after going through the new documentation (which is great btw) I just have some followup questions regarding the best way to setup levels/subscriptions the proper way.

My Scenario.

I have a site that has a few levels, Free, Evaluate, Customers (who can download and read documentation) on top of that I want to also add a level for Documentation only Customers but they will only be able to read documentation, they WILL NOT have the ability to download.

It seems to me that this is kind of a funky scenario. I’m not necessarily waiting for a certain period of time to turn on or off functionality. It’s basically a specific level for members of a given team.

So I guess my main question is.

Should that “Docs Only Customer” be it’s own subscription and level and not be associated with the “Customer” Subscription at all

Or should I make the “Docs Only Customer” a Level and put that as a starting point in the “Customer Subscription”.

If multiple levels in 1 subscription

I would think that this would be a scenario for “drip” and I would start with the docs level and then have that lead into the full customer level

Hopefully my questions make sense.