Proper setup of a free site for new users

I am changing my system from having new customers start with a free 14 day trial to having customers start with 0 day trial on a free level that they can upgrade to a higher level at anytime. I could set the trial to be 365 days as a work around, however is there another way to set it up without doing that?

Setting free trial to "disabled" will result in no access to the dashboard without pro-site sign up.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Ben,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I may be misunderstanding here. By default, when the trial level is disabled, users get a free site when signing up. So anything that isn't marked for pro site levels only will be available to users that sign up. Then after that they can pay to upgrade.

    Is that not what you're wanting here? The free trial option is only to give them a free trial of one of the paid levels. In this case you just want them to have a basic free level they could stay at forever right?

    Look forward to hearing back on this!

    All the best,

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