Proper way to configure / display Admin Options (Also possible Bug)

Just wondering the best way to configure the best way to display Admin options for a given user level.

Using Version 3 RC-1

In our scenario, we have a lot of different types of “Admins” that don’t necessarily have the need to administrate every portion of the site.

I noticed that if you give a user a Role of “Administrator” then go into the positive rules. It works great you can turn toggle what you want the user to see.

If you set a positive rule for Admin Main Menu toggle “User”, “Dashboard” and “Membership” membership wont display unless that person is also a Membership Admin (Which makes sense). once you make that User a Member Admin. The Level’s positive rules no longer apply for that specific user and they can then see the entire Admin menu (because they are technically an “Admin”:wink:

So my question is. Is that expected behavior? If so maybe I am going about creating the user levels the wrong way for Admins. It more so to protect users from accidently going somewhere the don’t need to. They are technically admins I just wanted to simplify what the User Levels see in the admin