Properly configuing registration with Membership Pro 2 and Buddypress

How do I properly handle member registrations with Buddypress and Membership 2 Pro?? When I attempt to use the same register form for both plugins I keep getting an error message (see attached)..

Because of this separation the majority of my members are not getting linked to a membership.

I read this thread but it did not help me.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello golftourney,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand that you'd like all of the new signups to go through a membership choice so all new users would select and signup for a membership, is that right?

    This can be achieved, you'll want to decide however whether you'd like to use Membership 2 Pro or BuddyPress registration.

    1. Using Membership 2 Pro registration (no access to BP registration)

    - make sure that separate pages are set as registration pages for Membership 2 Pro and BuddyPress
    - remove any links to BP registration page from menus etc
    - create an additional membership (free and non-public) in Membership 2 Pro; do not add any users to this membership
    - go to "Dashboard -> Pages -> All pages" and edit the page that's used as BP registration page: enable protection and grant access only to the membership that you just created.

    Clicking on default WP registration link should point users to Membership 2 Registration page and any attempt to access BP registration page will result in "Protected Content" page with a link to Membership 2 registration page.

    The Membership 2 Pro registration page requires members to select a membership.

    2. Using BuddyPress registration page
    - make sure that there are two separate registration pages set up for both plugins
    - go to "Membership 2 -> Add-ons" page
    - enable the "BuddyPress Integration" add-on
    - click on "Details" link in "BuddyPress Integration" box
    - enable the "Use BuddyPress Registration" option

    Then make sure that all your content (except e.g. main page and registration page)is protected by at least one membership so registered users that didn't sign up for any membership would always be required to sign up for membership in order to register.

    I think however that the first way would work better in this case. Let me know if this helps and if you have any further questions or need more assistance, I'll be glad to help.

    Best regards,

  • Keith
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I just tried method 2 above - Use the Buddy Press reg page. I registered a new user and I noticed the user is created in WP's user listing but not in the Membership member listing. When I log in with this new user the one page I restricted - is still restricted.

    Shouldn't the BuddyPress integration handle this?

    • Predrag Dubajic
      • Support

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for posting in this thread, however it might be best if you open your own, even if the issues seem closely related. That way it will remain independent of this one and ensure it doesn't confuse issues here if this thread needs reopening again by the author.

      It also means the member who started this thread or anyone following it isn't inundated with post notifications each time we respond to each other. A lengthy thread could annoy the original poster.
      This also allows us to better track and answer your questions to ensure we don't miss any for you.

      You can start a new thread here:

      Best regards,

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