PROSITE ONLY!!!! Adding extra fields to the sign-up page.

First, I searched and searched, read and read, and the only CLEAR answer is to use Gravity Forms to add fields. But I don’t want to pay the $200 just to get the “User Registration” plug-in. Second, when I search for an answer to add extra fields, 80% of the results are for Membership 2 plugin, not Prosites; frustrating.

In your support pages, you give a cursory suggestion that BuddyPress and Xprofile can be used but with no specific instructions on how to do it. There are two support questions that seem to reference each other creating a loop with no real answer (hint for future searchers for extra fields in ProSites).

Anyway, I added BuddyPress and xProfile to my PROSITE site, but the fields I added are not showing. Is there a setting I need to check or custom code to use to get the extra fields to show in PROSITES? Again, I am aware that Gravity Forms work, but I don’t want to pay the $200 fee when you say that BP and xProile will work. So how exactly does it work?

Please be specific.