ProSite Posting Top Limit

Hello There

I have ask this a long time ago :slight_smile:

I would like to have a top limit for posts

I was going trough all my DB and i pick up 3 pro sites that has more then 30000 posts, on each blog they have.

There have to be limits in place to stop users from posting till 30K

Level 1 user can post up to 50 posts
Level 2 user can post up to 100 post
Level 3 user can post up to 500 post

I hope we can get this sorted soon we need "speed" limits in prosites

Thank you Kindly

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Have you tried the post quota module in pro sites? This is what it's meant for. Though can't recall if it allows you to limit the highest level. If not, i'm sure there is a plugin out there that does this.

    If not perhaps that is a candidate for inclusion in the module. Though it might be more appropriate to be a part of Antisplog. On edublogs, we have some custom code to only allow publishing a certain number of posts per 24 hours. It's set pretty high for paid sites, and low for free ones. We had occassional problems where a spam bot would be creating tens of thousands of posts as fast as they possibly could, hogging our server resources and slowing the site down to a crawl.

    Note these kind of protections need to factor in importing as well, many new users will import from an old blog, you don't want to block that.

  • Mark de Scande
    • Syntax Hero

    @Aaron Thank you for the response

    All of the mod only have a lower limit so as soon as i guy or girl gets there ProSites then they have free rain to do what ever they want.

    I was just thinking of long term to have limits in place.

    1) Is there a way that you can share the code with us

    On edublogs, we have some custom code to only allow publishing a certain number of posts per 24 hours.

    2) How did you over come the Linux 32K file limit i was giving some code by one of the member's here, i would have love to have this in a plunging
    ps i have to hard code ms-default-constants.php with the code

    3) importing as well - the fix there would be to remove the importer but then you have user jumping up and down.

    So over all is there a way that we can do this as a request:

    Upper Limits in Pro Sites so a user can buy more posts when he gets to a post level

    Thank you Kindly

    Ps MulitDB ROCK i just converted and now if i have a bug i will get support not like the one i had it was always my problem ...

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