Prosite retrieve a user blog level in mainsite

Hi there,

I hope all is well with you today, i just was scrolling through prosites code and find this code below. please visit pro-sitespro-sites-fileslibProSitesViewFrontGateway.php line 270-272, you will see this snippet. `if ( ! empty( $info_retrieved ) ) {

$content .= ‘<li class=”psts-level”>’ . esc_html__( ‘Level:’, ‘psts’ ) . ‘ <strong>’ . $info_retrieved . ‘</strong></li>’;


This code is what a user sees when they visit my website eg. in that page it shows the user their current level and expiration date. please see the image 1.png

and in this page thats where the user go and signup for a new blog and it also check whether user is login etc.. so that is fine with me.

what am trying to achieve is how can i used that snippet example at pro-sitespro-sites-fileslibProSitesViewFrontGateway.php to show the current login user level when they about to register a new blog at

the reason why i need to know how to show it in the “/?action=new_blog ” section is because i want to limit users based on that prosite level. currently i have this snippet that will prevent all users from being able to register multiple blogs, but i think if am able to retrieve the user level just like how it is being retrieved in “ ” i will be able to check if that user level is 1,2,3, etc. and then prevent such user from being able to register multiple blog.

I hope i wasn’t confusing anyone :smiley: , my support is still open on my website , you can login and see the links for proper clarification .