prosite trial expired subscription not work

PayPal subscription does not work when new subscriber trial ends.
I tried setting the pro site several times before opening the production server.

At the level where the trial is applied, the subscription is not made.
Site level does not change after trial mode ends.

Paypal ipn is normally received.
How do I resolve it?

I received the message in the paypal ipn.

payment_cycle=Monthly&txn_type=recurring_payment_profile_cancel&last_name=yun&next_payment_date=N/A&residence_country=US&initial_payment_amount=0.00&rp_invoice_id=psts_71_2_1_39_USD_1478205965_703e4456b356d386&currency_code=USD&time_created=13:46:06 Nov 03, 2016 PDT&verify_sign=AFcWxV21C7fd0v3bYYYRCpSSRl31A.48v.p28MmhX8gVIXwMzY08UPSp&period_type= Regular&payer_status=verified&test_ipn=1&tax=0.00& Premium: $39.00 USD each month&ipn_track_id=4a198c828c799