ProSites – Adding a second site

I am a bit confused.

I have it set so there is no checkout on sign-up. Hence I do not get the pricing table by pro-sites. Just the sign up option. However, when the customer tries to add a second site, it gives the pricing table. Shouldn’t it just let them sign up for a trial blog, the same way they did the first time around, without having to choose the pro-sites option at this stage?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Erum,

    This is correct – when you are try to add new subsite with Pro Sites – using Your Account. Then Pro Sites will work and show Pricing Tables.

    But it will work as you need if you try to add new subsite through wp-signup.php – because you disabled Pro Sites on signup page, this will display default WordPress form for new blog.

    You could use Ultimate Branding plugin to add custom link in Admin bar that will point directly to wp-signup.php page so your admins will know where to click to get new blog.

    kind regards,


  • Erum
    • Syntax Hero

    Ok so I used CSS to hide the sign up for a new site option.

    So now the only time they will see the pricing plans is when they try to modify a site. So still need that to look normal.

    Also when I do modify, it first shows me the text for manual payment and then asks me to click submit…anyway to remove this extra step? If not, how do I correct the formatting of the button? No idea how or from where they are getting overwritten.

    As another example please see the page that comes up when you click modify a site…addding this css should get rid of the extra spacing but it does nothing. It is as if it is just not getting applied.

    div#page .upfront-output-region-container .title-and-content.upost-data-object-post_data .content p.prosites-cancel-link,
    div#page .upfront-output-region-container .title-and-content.upost-data-object-post_data .content ul.psts-info-list {

  • Josh
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Erum

    With the CSS issue try adding !important before the ; as this will tell the browser to over rule any other competing CSS and use this code only.

    As for correcting the button styling this can be done in the stylesheet of your theme (child theme is best). Use the inspect feature in most browsers to find the class and ID’s to target the button.

    Hope that helps

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