ProSites + BuddyPress + Gravity Form Sign-up + New Blog Templates

Hi there,

I am messing around with the multisite + buddypress combo for a "pay-to-blog" style website and have started using New Blog Templates, which is an awesome feature! Likely one of the most important plugins I will be using. Now, while reading up on it I have noticed that people seem to have problems using New Blog Templates with the gravity forms registration add-on.

I want to be able to customize the sign up form, which I know gravity forms can do; however, I don't want it to mess up the blog template creation. Most of the posts I found were old, does new blog templates work with gravity form sign up now?

The reason i am asking instead of just trying it is because i haven't upgraded to the developer version of gravity forms yet, I plan too as I get closer to finishing the site. However, that could change if it doesn't work with new blog templates.

Any info on this would be much appreciated!