Prosites checkout confirmation

7. I am getting no on screen confirmation or record when a pro plan blog subscription is cancelled.instead it redirects user to prosites pricing table. and even shows the user a notice saying “You are still within your trial period. Once your trial finishes your account will be automatically charged " which of course is incorrect.

8. Users with one or multiple prosite blogs plan do not get the names of the sub-domain indicated on the manage page when logged in, making it hard to know which is being managed.

11. Bug: When viewing the subscription information for a prosite stripe gateway subscriber , the stripe customer id link is generating a stripe url with “test” in the url which causes the link to fail, removing the “test” in the generated url fixed the link.. e.g Stripe Customer ID: cus_6a2mx8JF5JzJI5

12. Tested the upgrade from a monthly plan to an annual plan using stripe , everything processes ok but user is still monthly, both in stripe dashboard and in prosites site management.