Prosites - Checkout is not creating site

Prosites, sign up on checkout, stripe in sandbox, does not create site, just returns to "Reserve your Site" button and user has to select a plan again before payment(credit card) form shows, and upon submit, returns an error.

Signup on Checkout - enabled
Checkout Page -

1. Selecting a plan, does display the "setup your site" form
2. Submitting the form does validate the form entry (green check boxes)
3. You have to go back up and select a plan again to show the payment(credit card) entry form
4. Enter Stripe test credit card details, and submit, returns to page with the following warning/error:
Warning: php_uname() has been disabled for security reasons in /www/wp-content/plugins/pro-sites/pro-sites-files/gateways/gateway-stripe-files/lib/Stripe/ApiRequestor.php

5. User not created, site not created and no emails sent to user or admin

Support access granted.