Prosites code suggestion

How can I suggest some tweaks to improve the quality of the plugin?

  • mcavalcanti
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Well, on prosites if I want to have only monthly and yearly payments, and set 0 to the price of one of the payments, the button is shown, even with the price of 0.

    The styles are hard-coded, we could have hooks so each button could be built based on what the client needs. It makes easier to extend the plugins and keep it upgradable.

    Also, the prices screen requires the user to be logged in. It doesn't make much sense, so, it could exist (if already does, tell me where to find the docs about it) a shortcode so I could show the buttons wherever I want.

    Finally, indentation. You have tabs and spaces all mixed up. Most editors use 4 white spaces in one tab, some use 2, some use 7.


  • in-mn
    • The Crimson Coder

    The plan names are always 12_1 , 12_2, 12_3 for css purposes
    Couldnt you align the TR/TD styles as you need assuming you dont need the 3x* pricing grid?

    Also - dont put in 0. Just leave it blank. I think it says to do that.

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