ProSites did not recognize payment and site terminated

Current Setup: 1 day free trial
New subscription created 12/21/15 2:47
Payment received 12/23/15 12:09:25 PT
Subscription terminated 12/23/15

Pro Site account info shows start date 12/22/15 and end date 12/23/15

Next payment due 1/23/15

This is site #587

Irate customer contacted us on 12/26/15 whereby I manually extended site for 30 days

One thing that I saw that was odd, or at least I had never experienced before is that the email that we received at time of new subscription stated:

"The user "xxxxxx" has submitted a manual payment request via the Pro Sites checkout form." I have never received a new subscription message that said "manual payment request". Hopefully this may be a clue.

We are just re-launching this Pro Site network. I've complained in the past. This is no way to start back up.

I've granted support access.