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I am trying to figure out this ProSite plugin. I have it installed and I have basic functioning of the signup page and the ProSite page. I am able to create an account etc. However, how and where do you style any of this to fit into your site? I see these settings for things like pricing plans, but I do not see any pages for such things. Where is all this stuff? Can someone point me to some documentation that is beyond just installing it? Some of the tutorials I have read are good, but then I can never figure out where they pages are. Some help on this is much appreciated. I need to know: what are the variou pages that constitute the pages and how do I style them?

  • Kenneth


    I have the same issue. I think you missunderstand the question by Douglas.

    The front end of checkout page really looks bad as standard. I need the same as I think Douglas is asking for. A way to costumize the site. Or some shortcodes to insert.

    I my case, I use Divi theme for my main site, and I would like to use the divi builder for checkout page. I can do that, however, when editing the checkout page there is no information on it. (see attachment)

    If I write in the empty text field, everything comes before the Pro Site inserts the pricing table.
    I would like t control where on the page this is set.

    Imagine I use the divi builder, and insert several sections with different divi modules. It would be awsome if I in one of these boxes could insert a shortcode, that would display me pricing table. Same goes for the fields that is in sign up. They really look like it's a simple php script with no styling what so ever!!

    Dont get me wrong, the plugin does all I need it to, and it's a super plugin, I love the features, but I would like to be able to have more control over the design of the checkout page.

    I think this is what Douglas also wants. SO where is the coded page for the checkout page?? Where can we users change the layout? How can we e.g. put the pricing table between 2 areas of text (or other stuff)
    I am from Denmark, and one of the clients you proudly present as users of Pro Sites is bloggers delight. I know this site, and their checkout page looks awesome. (See attachment) so how do we do this?

    Best regards

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kenneth!

    Currently there's no way to e.g. "put a pricing table between two areas of text". The pricing table is appended to the content of defined page so in order to add another piece of content below it you'd need to hook up to WP "the_content" filter setting up a priority parameter to the high value so your function would be called after Pro Sites adds it's table.

    There's no pricing table "shortcode" currently implemented but as far as I'm aware this has been requested a couple of times so it is possible that it may be implemented in future. I cannot guarantee it or give you any ETA yet, though.

    As for additional styling.
    There are two ways (both can be used at the same time as they supplement each other) to style pricing tables.

    1) The 'Pro Sites -> Pricing Tables -> Styling" page in site's Network Admin

    You'll find a bunch of settings there, mostly related to colors of different parts of Pricing Tables. Unless theme's CSS is overwriting these (which, unfortunately, happens sometimes) this should let you configure pricing tables colors.

    2) Custom CSS

    On the same page there's a "Custom CSS" box where you could put your additional custom CSS rules. To create them you may use e.g. Chrome Dev Tools (Inspect Element) to examine DOM.

    These are current ways to style Pro Sites. In case you'd need more help on specific aspects of these please start a separate thread on our support forum and we'll assist you.

    Best regards,

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