Prosites email notifications have stopped working after update

I just updated prosites from 3.5.1 to and the email notifications have stopped. I reverted back to 3.5.1 and they work. Ran the debugger, deactivated wp-better-emails, set monthly pricing periods (other possible related issue), and still haven't identified it.

Everything up to date. Running mainly WPMU dev: prosites, branding, support, domain mapping, multi-db etc. WP system emails continue to work all with WP Mandrill for smtp.

I've been working this setup for months now and everything is tidy. Not sure where the conflict could be other than the plugin.

Before I begin to de-activate everything, could you please run in your test environment.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey @ipmcorp,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've tested this on my own setup with current Pro Sites version, manual payment gateway enabled and default Twenty Fifteen theme enabled. I'm receiving all the e-mails and unfortunately I wasn't able to replicate the issue so far.

    That being said, I think a full theme/plugin conflict test may help us identify the issue here. It would be great if you could run it and share the results with me. However, I'd also like to take a closer look at your setup, so could you please grant me a support access to your site?

    To do this, please follow this guide:

    Kind regards,

  • Michael Love
    • Flash Drive

    Ok still no go. The problem is not email notifications but rather the site activating pro status after the Paypal transaction. The transaction id shows up in manage sites but the site has no pro status therefore the email notification is not triggered. The return screen bugs out (see attached)

    Again, everything is fine at 3.5.1 its just when i activate 3.5.13

    Paypal Sandbox
    I set a monthly period just in case...(separate ticket)
    No Trial Period (helps to see the problem)
    Create new free test site
    Subscribe to Level 1 from site dashboard
    Cycles through Paypal no problem
    (Does not end on the finalizing payment message - pops back to the checkout options)
    Site status is not pro in dashboard
    Check in on site manager. History shows the subscription transaction but the site status is not pro, every time this happens

    Debugged plugins one at a time to check:
    Wordfence Falcon - nope
    JCH Optimize - nope
    Mailchimp Sync - nope
    WP Better Email - nope
    Wp Mandrill - not it
    SSL Insecure Content Fixer multisite network settings - still persists
    AntiSplog - not a chance
    Cloner - why not lol

    Ok onto running basic plugins:
    -Domain Mapping

    **Problem persists

    Ok, dropped the theme & core plugins only
    -Activated 2015
    -Core Plugins (above)
    -New user/site signup
    -Sign up for pro account
    -Paypal transaction cycles through
    -Finalizing your site came up (hmm nice but no cigar)
    -Goto checkout page to check status - "pending changes to your account" - screenshot
    -no pro status on site
    -no email notification

    OK, so I have de-activated plugins and dropped the theme, still no go. The only thing would be a live Paypal account test.

    So now what? Please run through creating a site so you can see from the user side and I have granted support access. Obviously Paypal transaction related.

    I need a solution guys I am outta clues and time on this and I would like to start driving traffic - thanks.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello @ipmcorp,

    I hope you're well today and I apologize for the delay on my side.

    You've run a detailed test and the report is really clear, thanks for this! Using your description I've run similar test on my sandbox but unfortunately couldn't replicate this. That said, I may either be missing something here or it's something specific to your setup.

    I'm calling our 2nd-line support for help here as they're working in a close contact with developers and are able to run more various tests. Hopefully, they'll be able to come up with a solution fast.

    Either one of my 2nd-line support colleagues or me we'll update you here immediately, once we get closer to a solution.

    Kind regards,

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