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I want to create a Free level and restrict stuff for it using Pro Sites. Now by default there is a free level assigned to users who do not upgrade (to a paid level). However when i enable modules that restrict posts or page quotas, it only asks from the levels defined (excluding the built-in free level).

Can you let know how to restrict free level stuff in the modules or pro-sites?

  • Mindblaze
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    Hi, Thanks for responding.

    I can see that section but i am unable to set some quota for Free level. For example, how do i set 10 posts and pages for Free level and 50 for Basic level?

    Also i ran into another problem. I have set 'Membership' plugin to auto activate in Premium plugins. It does that but the Membership plugin menu only shows up if i login as 'Network admin' on that blog. If i login as Site admin, it doesn't show. Can you let me know what am i doing wrong?


  • aristath
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    Hello again Mindblazetech!
    The way quotas work is this:
    You set a quota (10 posts & pages for example) and then you select the minimum required level to remove those quotas. (see attached screenshot)

    So you can set it up for 10 posts + 10 pages for the free level, but the Basic level will have unlimited if you set it up to remove quotas for that level.

    The way I usually use this is to create 3 levels (free, basic, premium) and set a quota of say 25 posts for the free and basic levels. The premium level has unlimited posts.

    As for the Membership plugin, could you please provide some more details about your use case? What is it that you're trying to achieve?

  • Mindblaze
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    Glad to hear from you again :slight_smile:

    Thanks for the snap and the example!

    Regarding membership plugin:

    I want to be able to give Basic level website the membership plugin only. For this i have set it up in the Premium Plugins for Basic level and set it up for Auto-activation. This is working fine as i can see it activated for Basic level website. However the Membership plugin menu in wordpress doesn't show up for SITE ADMINs. So basically even though it is activated, the SITE ADMIN cant do anything with it. Only the NETWORK ADMIN can see that menu on that particular prosite and set it up. Can you please let me know how to make it available for SITE ADMINS using prosites.


  • Mindblaze
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Oh weird.

    When i deleted the Pro-sites and recreated them again, its all working now.

    Not sure why it was not working earlier. Could this be a bug or my bad luck ? :smiley:

    Anyways i am glad its all working now.

    Thanks Aristath!

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