Prosites help. It is not appearing on the register page or as a option in the backend for members.

I am using a Multisite with buddypress, membership and prosites. I selected to have the option display for prosites on the sign up page but it does not show up, I am assuming it is because I am not using the wp-signup but the register and subscription pages created by membership. Also when a user logs in the create a site button appears but it goes to a 404 error there also is not a upgrade link anywhere. Also assuming that it may not be working because I have selected the option for pay to blog so there is only one option to blog. I can see the page that was created for the checkout when logged in as a administrator but when I go to that link logged in under a another user it says Sorry, but it appears you are not an administrator for any sites. do I get this page to appear. I have allowed access. Thank you.