Prosites - Lets take it to the next level

So far I see three key features missing in Pro Sites needed to take it to the 'Pro' Level.

1. I need to be able to charge for individual plugin use.
* I want to charge 'X' amt per month for using woocommerce, should be able to add it to any 'membership level'

2. I need to be able to charge for individual plugins 'ONLY' if another plugin is active and paid for.
* I have about a hundred plugins for Woocommerce that I want to charge for using, ONLY if they have a package that includes woocommerce.

3. I need to be able to Auto Activate plugins on a 'per membership' level, not just global.
* Right now, I can choose auto-activate a plugin, but that is global on blog creation. I can't say - Auto activate this plugin either when a user joins membership level 'x' or when a user purchases use of plugin (assuming we do above steps).

** A user chooses a group that includes Woocommerce (I can't yet have it a separate charge) so it should auto activate the woocommerce plugin for the user if I check the box.

Honestly the way the pro-sites plugin is currently configured, it is making the user go through a whole lot of unnecessary steps. I should be able to auto activate plugins for them when they join certain membership levels.

Bonus #4
Viewing Plugins is a mess for a user:
I have just under 400 plugins on my installation right now. The problem is that the user of a basic site is able to see all the plugins whenever they visit the plugins page.

It 'should' be setup where in the 'normal' plugin view, they can only see plugins that are available to them. If they pay for joining a new group that has more plugins added, then they should be able to see the new plugins assigned to that group.

Now I do believe that the user should have a screen where they can see further plugins that are available should they join other groups.

We should have a screen that says if you join the next level, then you get these 'x' plugins, if you join the group above that, then you get those plugins plus these 'y' plugins and on and on.

I have many more ideas to make this better, but these are the primary ones that I see missing from really making this user friendly.