ProSites levels and Membership levels are not linked

HI, I have a multi-site WP, the ProSite plusgin, the latest Membership ver 3. and Buddy Press.

I intend to use both plug-ins in the main site. The main site will allow users to create an account and optionally a site. The Prosite plugin will be used to determine the user upgrade level - three levels are offered: Basic, Plus and PRO. This allow us to offer different plugins and themes to the sub-sites. However, we want to use the membership plugin to protect some section of the main site BASED on the prosites level. Is the a provision in the two plugins to allow using the same levels for both pluins.

I cannot see how this is done. Can you help ?


PS: Buddy press is not essencial to our main site. So if it's presence creates problems, I am quite willing to let it go.