Prosites New User

I have several question about Prosites set up. The following links are in development.




1. I would like to use the ?blog_template=just_user to allow the user to sign up.

2. The user select a plan

3. The user selects a template

Here is what I am getting at my page

Problems: A) The page has new user in the user name field and the word/label “Password” is missing below the password field, B) A message “just the username, please” appears below the email address field. I do not think this is needed. Please advise on A and B.

After completing the User name, password, and email and clicking next I am taken to this page

I select the Free Trial level,

The problem happens: the then the screen moves down and ask me to Set Up your site by entering a user name, email address and site title, and allow search engines and he message Just a user name, please still displays.

How do I fix this?




Now when I try to use to setup a site it is in a kind of loop after I complete the details it returns to the same page and never registers the user…