Prosites or Membership pro 2 ?

I am trying to configure prosites at the moment, and I am asking myself if maybe I should go another path.
I am really impressed by the level of flexibility that prosites can bring. However, there might be another path for my business model.
In fact I intend to take the opposite direction as the market is actually doing. All competitors providing sites with price depending on ressources or functionalities of the given site.
I think the web ressources are now almost zero. Same applies to plugins at dev/agencies level with illimitated licences.
So ressources and plugins cost almost zero when you have some volume.
So I was thinking of having only free subsite service online. With one theme, and very few basic plugins.
Then ask a membership monthly fee that will give access to a domain name and a substantial discount on services privided by premium , not plugins...
for exemple members at 49 euros a month, will be able to buy a gravity form set up for them at 100 euros. while 99 members will be paying only 49 for exemple.
And then for memeber that would like to have their out of the multisite, a specific price can be proposed.
I will be using woocommerce. So questions are :

1) is there a way for me to restrict plugins access manually on a site by site basis, without the user admin being able to touch this ?

2) Can I use membership pro2 to handle subsites this way ? For exemple, block access to setting up new gravity forms ?

3) Can I use Memvership 2 linked with Woocommerce to sell some service package ?

Basically, I do not mind to have the site less automated. The idea is to concentrate more on the end user objective, on the end result, not the ressource he will need to reach his goal...

Ok, That is enough for now... :slight_smile:

Best regards,

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @Hervé

    Thats actually a really good analysis of the trend. Did you know you can use AWS to start your own WebHosting service for almost free? Meaning customers come and buy from you and they pay you for hosting thats free (almost) for you.

    Anyhoo for your questions

    1) Yes Pro Sites supports this out of the box

    2) You can use M2 to block this one one site, Pro sites to block across network

    3) You may not be able to sell memberships using WooCommerce but you will be able to use a single membership/account for both so they can shop with the same account

    Think of M2 as a plugin to sell memberships and regulate content in one site, Pro sites as a way of selling sites and regulate what each site can do. Ultimately what you want requires both M2 and Pro Sites integrated to implement smoothly


  • Hervé
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ok thanks Jude,
    I knew that aws are quite cheap. In fact I intend to use their storage spage which is convenient and very cheap.
    I want to launch service in september, but I need something light and simple first. Maybe not the full operations with Prosites. But maybe a "manual" suscription service There are many reasons for this.
    1) I do not know what customers will require and favor most, and I would like to listen what they are willing to buy and at what price first.
    2) I still ned to test prosites/ multisites, support, operations, provisonning, back ups. This will need some time and maybe more staff, technical support than we are having now right .

    So I believe we might start with :
    1) a free service on multisite with basic plugins.
    2) A paying but cheap level that will be same as the free service but more support and a real domain name. that we can adress manually or by M2... No ?
    3) a premium service that will be the site taken out of the network, on its real wordpress unique install.
    Therefore we can maybe initially avoid to use prosites and use only M2. Then, when the operations is more established, customer needs more discovered, we could develop an "industrial" prosite based offer...
    So coming back about about M2, how can we handle the subsites ? is this central from the main site ?
    Can we have same fonctionnalites as we are having on main site ?
    Sorry for this long speech, but I am trying to figure out a flexible business/functional path short and medium term.
    Best regards,

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi again @Hervé

    Hope you are doing great !

    I read through the requirements and here are my thoughts.

    1) Nope .. M2 is not a great tool for provisioning/managing sites across a network. You can have M2 installed and give the member rights to create his own sites. You wont be able to restrict specific plugins like with Pro Sites

    2) Yup easily possible .. but involves a manual step

    3) Again easily possible .. but involves manual steps


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