ProSites payment failure


Quick question regarding prosites. If a payment fails and the attempts are exhausted (I think it attempts payment 4 times), what happens when a user enters new credit card details?

Does it start billing again automatically, or does it wait until the next payment date? I just want to be sure it will start the recurring charges again. Thanks :slight_smile:

  • MapSteps

    Hey Dimitris, it doesn't look like it worked. My clients card attempted payment on the following dates:

    12/17 (the original due date)

    All of them failed. They went in and entered a new CC on however it still says this when I log in as my client:

    "Your last payment failed. Please select your plan below and choose a new payment option."

    However, if I look at their subscription, it says it renewed on 1/17 and will expire on 2/17. I checked my Stripe account and there as not been a payment for this specific client since 11/17.

    They went in and updated their card 2 times and it did not work (because I do not see it in Stripe). However, they still have access to the website and it says that it expires on 2/17.

    This makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello David!

    It seems we're currently experiencing some issues with Stripe subscriptions. They shouldn't affect "regular subscriptions/payments" but may result in other related issues like this one. Developers are aware of that and are working on a complex fix.

    Could you please try yet another way to update this for now? If a member could completely cancel his/her membership and then just sign up for a new one using that new card details that would be great. Would you please give it a try and let me know if that worked or if it failed too?

    Kind regards,

  • MapSteps

    Hey Adam,

    I went through myself and entered their CC details. I selected the subscription and entered the info and it did not go through. On their account it says "Your payment was successfully recorded! You should be receiving an email receipt shortly."

    I went to Stripe and there is no new payment. I also see that the expiration is still 2/17, even though there was no payment since 11/17. I thought it may update it to today (1/27) but there is nothing.

    In order to make it work I had to cancel my subscription and re-enter the CC details to get it to work.

    I hope that they are able to resolve the issue the other way because this is not user friendly and my users would never understand how to update their CC this way.

  • Dimitris

    Hey there David,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    I really appreciate the feedback here. It seems that the only safe path for time being is to cancel old subscriptions prior to creating new ones, some information messages for your users may have to be placed in order to ensure this user experience.
    As my colleague Adam mentioned before, we hope to deliver a fresh Stripe gateway system soon, keep an eye for any future plugin updates (changelog should include all related information).

    Warm regards,

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