ProSites plugin to have registration option

I want a provision for users to register or login before paying for ProSites plan. For that I would like to have a Registration module here http://hi****us/pro-sites/.
I am open to changes in the flow, but the bottom line requirement is that the user will have to login to their account before paying for ProSites.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Rafael

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm not sure if I correctly understand the goal here so let's make sure that we're on the same side here first.

    I see that currently both user registration and site registration is allowed and the "Signup on checkout" option in Pro Sites is disabled. As a result user that visits Pro Sites page is asked to login and only after that would be given an option to select pro site level and sign up for the site.

    If you enable the "Signup on checkout" option in Pro Sites settings ("Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Settings -> General" page) what would happen for not logged in users would be:

    - user comes to Pro Sites page
    - they see the pricing table
    - they can select a level
    - the got signup/registration form and they have to fill it in 'cause the site cannot be created if the user is not registered
    - they are asked for payment

    A logged in user who does already have some site will see a choice of sites to upgrade and an option to sign up for a new one - only after making selection they'll see pricing table and further steps. If they are already logged in but don't have any site yet, they'll be given an option to sign up for one.

    Now, the flow that you would want to achieve would be that a user - if not logged in - sees pricing table, selects level and then is taken to the next screen where there's a registration and then then can create a site (or, if they have an account, login and upgrade one)?

    If so, that wouldn't be much different to a default flow with "Signup on checkout" option enabled with that difference that the process would be split into "steps" - first level selection, then login/registration, then payment. But this is a way that is not supported by Pro Sites and there's no easy way to achieve this. It would require custom development and some significant changes in plugins code.

    But if I'm missing the point or I misunderstood something, let me know please.

    Kind regards,

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