prosites quota is accumulative

I'm using prosites and I was under the impression that the quota is not accumulative. However I have two custom post types. I set the quota to 10 however when one of them is at 10 I can't create any new posts regardless of type. Should this not be on a post type by post type basis ?

  • Patrick

    Hi again @kevin

    I did some extensive testing of my own (finally) :slight_smile:

    I had set restrictions on several types as follows:

    Posts: 2
    Pages: 2
    Wikis: 3
    Listings: 4
    Events: 5

    My results are quite different than yours. I can successfully create different post types on a non-pro site up to the specified limits of each type. Once the limit is reached for any type, I can only "Submit for Review" and get the "To publish more ..., please upgrade to Pro" message.

    So in my testing, the different post types do respect the individual settings for each type.

    This would tend to indicate either a conflict with another script/plugin/theme active on your site, or perhaps the manner in which your custom post types were registered.

    Did you register the post types manually, or did you use a plugin/UI to create them (like our CustomPress plugin)?

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