Prosites Stripe PCI compliance

I am using Prosites with both Paypal and Stripe. I tested a registration of a new site and it all looked good. When I got to the Stripe checkout, it showed https:// in the URL box, so I assume it is working as intended.

My question: I know Stripe is supposed to take care of all PCI compliance, and so I thought that when the visitor hit the final "submit" button to purchase, they would be taken to a Stripe page. However, this did not happen; my web page stayed active, and then a "success" page came up (and on my site) summarizing what the customer just purchased.

Is there any chance you can go through the process to test it? I have created a coupon "test" so that the total checkout price is .05 cents. I can then cancel your subscription.

Thanks for your help, Joe.