ProSites subscription Problem with Stripe

I’m in the process of setting up a multi-site for a branch level access for a company. I’ve set up the sites as I want and am trying to configure the ProSites, and for the most part it’s going fine.

However, I just ran into something that could cause large problems later. I went to sites, then clicked on the level of a site to manage the subscription. When I did that, I noticed that it shows subscriber information from stripe, the last payment from stripe, invoice id, and even the customer email.

This sounds great, except that this is for a test site and is NOT being billed to by a client. that name, customer id, and such that it’s pulling in is from an entirely different transaction from a different site to my Stripe account.

Obviously, this poses some issues because 1) I can’t properly manage the correct user if the system doesn’t understand who the user is, and 2) it’s potentially a security risk by moving customer data to a site in which is does not belong.

I need help from this by WPMU and right away. I’m trying to launch this very soon and can’t with this problem.

Additionally, I have a screen shot to show what I mean, but because it has confidential information on it, I’m not going to post it here.

Please advise asap.