ProSites (Supporter) Settings Will Not Save

Hi -

I am unable to update any of the settings (Prosites > settings > general settings). I am running the most recent Prosites (3.0) but had this issue on the previous version (although I know this is a user error, I just can't figure out what the issue is).

This is true of all settings on this page, here are two examples:

+ Free trial settings will save, show that they are saved, but will not "take" and when I log out and back in to settings it reverts to previous settings
+ Also experiencing with Paypal, unable to change out of sandbox to live; will not hold change to API credentials.

All of this did work previously without issue. Everything else seems to be working fine.

Resolution attempts (without success):

+ Uninstall and re-install ProSites.
+ Deactivate all other plugins
+ Deactivate all themes

Any feedback to resolve would be greatly appreciated.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Are you just using the default theme or something else? I'm wondering if it's a javascript conflict and themes can often cause those...

    Do you have access to MySQL logs? I'm wondering if it's not able to update the database for some reason.


  • LCDist
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I was just gonna point out that if your using multidb which wouldnt be a plugin you can deactivate in the admin area so it could be overlooked easily enough..... settings not saving with multidb and prosites is a known issue. in fact those are EXACTLY the things that happen when multidb and prosites are put together lol.

  • Causerie
    • New Recruit

    First, thanks to each of you for the reply. Much appreciated.

    I did see the thread about a user experiencing this same issue with multidb, but I am not using multidb. I did install and remove multidb early on, is it possible there is some code residue somewhere?

    The only theme I am currently using is Headway, though I previously had the 133 pack installed as well as a few from Elegant Themes, BuddyPress Studio, and PureVision.

    At this point, I have deleted every plugin except prosites (did delete and reinstall PS). I did try deleting Headway - issue persists.

    I will check into the MySQL logs. I have been testing plugins/themes for about six weeks and I am not sure at what point this stopped working, but I think it may have coincided with the multidb test.

    If it is a multidb issue, any advice on how to resolve?

    Thank you again.

  • LCDist
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    how did you remove multidb? if you removed db.php and db-config.php it shoulda done the trick... you woulda lost all your settings soon as you did but it should resolve whatever problem that was multidb related once they were gone.

  • Causerie
    • New Recruit

    Thanks again for your quick reply.

    It's been a few weeks so I don't remember how I removed initially, but I do not see either db.php or db-config.php currently.

    I guess my question at this point is if I backup my existing files and install a clean Wordpress "over" the existing database and update the wp-config file this should eliminate any traces of multidb (or whatever is causing this, likely multidb, because settings worked previously) and resolve the issue?

  • LCDist
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    you could try that it would definitely take care of any problems that may of occurred inside wordpress however if it was a database problem you may have to redo those as well... but before you do those I would take phils questions first ... make sure its not the theme somehow... try flipping over to Twenty Eleven and see if the problem still exists... otherwise Id guess something is wrong with either the interaction with the databases or the databases themselves.

    Before anything drastic though get phils opinions or someone else better then me... Im still learning and by no stretch of the imagination an expert...

  • Causerie
    • New Recruit

    Thanks again for all of your help - I did reinstall and that did solve the problem. I re-installed Pro-Sites and tested (no issues) and installed Headway theme and tested (no issues). I will test after each plugin to be safe (steering clear of multidb) and will report if the problem happens again, but I think this is resolved for now.


  • LCDist
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Im glad you got it working :slight_smile:

    ya for now Id say take prosites as its too good to pass up but dont give up hope on multidb since both are done here im sure the incompatibility will be fixed...last I heard the main hold up is that they cant repeat problems from test server to test server which makes finding the problem hard. But give them time and they will get it worked out.

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