Prosites verse membership

Thinking I may not need the membership plugin, not sure.

How does prosites control access levels to content and downloads. I use buddypress & multisite.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Filoso4,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    How does prosites control access levels to content and downloads. I use buddypress & multisite.

    Pro Sites plugin primarily controls recurring payments and the access to plugins and themes and other then plugins and themes, has no facilities for a shopping cart, content, nor download delivery.

    Membership plugin controls access to content which could include downloadable content too.

    My personal favorite for eCommerce with shopping cart and dispensing digital products (digital downloads) is the Market Press plugin.

    Thanks again for being a WPMU Dev member.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • Filoso4

    I use buddypress & multisite,
    What I really needand sorry for any confusion is this:

    1) different level access to buddypress functions, Wordpress pages, posts and comments, certain plugins and themes, downloads and number of websites allowed to create.

    2) I understand that membership, prosites, classifieds, marketpress, Q&A all serve different functions but can work together to achieve the desired result.

    3) in the process I want all paying accounts to use a single interface.

    4) I will need to add a custom field to the PayPal button form.

    Once these steps are completed we can further address any security warnings & use of SSL.

    Perhaps we should hold a Skype meeting to better communicate what is needed, desired and possible.

    I can adjust to your time schedule, please advise.

    I think we can accomplish what I Listed on this response. Just need a little more detailed attention to get this ball rolling..

  • Filoso4

    1) If I am correct, then prosites handles every aspect of membership to include buddypress functions. If this is true than why would I need to use the membership plugin?

    2) for the FREE LEVEL, so long as I do not put in any prices then the subscription level should be free for life. Yes/no/how?

    3) new enrollmentsAccess should have only one choice as far as what page to sign up on. To be more clear when they select sign up or register, they should be brought to the enrollment choices and then to proper page for registration.

  • Filoso4

    update as of Feb, 18, 2012 @ 1620hrs EST
    1) I will not need prosites as the ability to limit number of sites created per enrollment level and plugin availability are available through membership. Themes would be nice but that is alright for now.

    2) in the quick start it is recommended that I disable registration in the general settings as membership plugin takes over this function. I have set up a FREE and a stranger level subscription.
    Under user registration on the options page,
    "if you have free user registration enabled on your site, select the subscription they will be assigned to initially. If you are using a paid subscription model - it is probably best to set this to none."
    I have set up a visitor and FREE subscription package plus created associated access levels, shortcodes & categories. So if I am correct by disabling the native site registration and setting a FREE subsciption option, i should then set the free option in user registration to "none"?

    3) In setting up the access levels, I am a little confused. I understand the negative rules restricts anything placed in that section, however regarding the positive rules, placing something in the positive rules section allows it within the restrictions set under that rule. what if a section or ability is not placed in either positive or negative rules?
    for example buddypress pages is not placed in the positive or negative rules section. would a visitor who is technically not enrolled be able to post, comment or create? Would any of the levels where it is not defined be able to post, comment or create?

    4) paypal express and free registration addons or paypal express with single payments gateway:
    Here is an example of the part of the code that I need to edit and how.
    <input id="pap_xxxxxxxxx" type="hidden" name="custom" value="' . $this->build_custom($user_id, $subscription->id, '0') .'">';
    I need to add the id="pap_xxxxxxxxx" directly after <input" on the line for "custom". I also need to be sure that that the parameter <input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="' . $subscription->sub_id() . '">'; remains constant. "item_number" is required to track what sale or referral was made via the affiliate campaign & the $subscription->sub_id is required for the same reason to remain constant for each subscription package.

    GREAT NEWS!! Once I fully understand how to set the levels, subscriptions and affiliate script integration, all that will be left is the conflict between Q&A & Classifieds that occurs only in the BuddyPress Member Pages. Otherwise there is no conflict as of yet.

    I know this is a lot, but we are here to be productive and these are the answers I need to start operating and generating a profit. You can understand my need to move somewhat quickly.

    Even better news for you WPMU-DEV is that you will be given full credit when we present our completed project to the DoD for approval. This website is to be part of a community development model I am developing for my PhD in Public Policy Administration.

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