ProSites wipes almost all Prosites data when enabling Stripe

When I tried to enable the Stripe Payment Gateway today, it refreshes the page with the box unchecked. Then I find that about ~80% of Prosites settings have been reset to a default state (and wiped out!). All modules get disabled and most of their settings go to default! Pricing Chart... gone... all that work.. Wow! What a bug!

You can tell it resets almost every setting because when I looked at my pages listing, I see about 30+ new checkout pages named 'Pro Site' for my 30+ retries of enabling stripe. PayPal doesn't seem to cause it lose it's mind though.

I went through 4 versions back from the current (3.5.4), still the same issues with every single one. I also disabled all plugins except Prosites and the issue happens still.

I don't have too much of a crazy multisite setup, I use Varnish on the frontend, SSL on the backend, and I do have object-cache.php and memcached installed, but no other plugins I have conflict with it. I've had Prosites working flawlessly with object-cache.php in the past with no issues too.

This is bad! Need some ideas here...