Prosites with Multi-Network

How can I get ProSites to work with Multi-Network. Is there a way to make ProSites manage each individual network? So far what I am seeing is that ProSites only manages the root domain (site 1) of the network.

How can I get ProSites to work properly with Multi-Network so each network behaves like it's separate from the rest? Hope that makes sense.

  • Jude

    Hey Josh

    Hope all is well with you !

    How can I get ProSites to work properly with Multi-Network so each network behaves like it's separate from the rest? Hope that makes sense

    This is not currently possible out of the box because of the way the plugin is built. Some of our members are using it ( with limitations ) as you can see here, so you can give it a shot. It may be a hit or a miss.

    That said I am marking a feature request on this and we can consider it depending on how many other members request something similar.

    Alternately you can try our Jobs Board where you can have it custom developed by professional developers


  • Andi

    Hi and did you meanwhile get your multi-network up and running using Prosites or not?
    If not what are still the problems?
    If yes how did you manage it, what changes did you do?

    Jude, what did happen meanwhile since one year to get this job done. I saw that your links even post solutions which date many further years back and still nothing seems to be integrated! Why not?

    Jenni McKinnon, You wrote a nice article about multi-network and multisite multi-network but one major point you left out, the development and improvement to get the WPMUDEV plugins working with your settings. What is the problem, why not? Perhaps Umesh Kumar and Vaughan or Jason can help to answer that?

    dentm42, you posted some code to improve Prosites, has this been integrated meanwhile or have you find even a better solution. I would like to hear from you, Joe, bashirbhugaloo and calvinrogercanas where are still the problems with Prosites usage in a multi-network of multisite network sites surrounding?

    Kind regards

      • Andi

        Thanks Max for pointing that out

        WP Ultimo is actually only one example where WPMUDEV missed the train I would say due to to slow development and not using the power of the community.

        "Yes. With WP Ultimo you can establish post quotas to every available post type on your network. You can also limit the number of users the admin can invite, the amount of disk space and much more."

        "Yes. With WP Ultimo you can create as many Site Templates as you want. Site Templates are not themes, they are normal sites on your network. You can activate plugins, themes, customize that Site Template in any way you want. If a user selects that template, his or her site will be created as a copy of that template, with all the customizations in place.

        You can also set a particular template to a plan. By doing that, every user that signs up on that plan will have his or her site created as a duplicate of that Site Template."

        Yes and no.

        If you want your network users to have WooCommerce available for them, allowing them to setup stores, that is possible using WP Ultimo. You can even limit the number of products your clients will be able to create on each plan tier.

        In terms of subscription payments for WP Ultimo, we currently do not support integration with WooCommerce. That means that WP Ultimo does not have an option to allow your clients to pay for their subscription using your WooCommerce install in your main site. We are working on that for our next releases since it greatly expands the number of gateways WP Ultimo would support."

        etc and they even are working on an importer from prosites.

        If you ask me that all would be possible with prosites too. Most of all payments need to be also possible with woocommerce and an easy PayPal gateway without need of additional scripts if you run multisites like right now! (not marketpress due to no demand for marketpress)

        Also missing in both actually is a connection to a proper CRM or integrated CRM and marketing solution.

        Kind regards