ProSites with Stripe is killing my user's sites monthly

I have been troubleshooting a wierd issue for a while, and I think I finally pinpointed it. Basically, I'm using pro sites with stripe. Every month when stripe renews, it renews an hour after the subscription was originally created (that is how their subscription feature works).

Every time that happens, the pro site loses it's status for an hour, and it disables all pro plugins on clients sites. Once the payment goes through and reactivates the membership, it doesn't reactivate the plugins.

The plugins don't even go to a recently active list, so there is no way to know what was turned off. People's shopping carts are lost. People's membership sites are shut down. Functionality just ceases. This is completely unacceptable.

Is there a way to grant a grace period of a couple of days before prosites deactivates anything?