ProSites+Membership+Affiliates = Multilevel Marketing/Marketing network?

Hey Guys, what’s up?

I’m building a multisite network for my business, so I’m going to implant the multilevel mkt/mkt network strategy for sales.

I want to build an affiliate network with levels, for exemple, I’m an affiliate, and I can call a friend to be an affiliate by me, and if I call 3 friends I upgrade to another level of affiliate and I win with my sales and a % of my affiliates too, and of course, my friend will want to earn more too, and then they call their friends, and if they call 3 friends they upgrade, earn a % of his affiliates and I earn more ’cause he’s earning more and so it goes on unto I get a lot of affiliates that has alot of affiliates and everybody earn a good money.

Is it possible with this 3 plugins?

The multilevel mkt/mkt network strategy I want to implant is to sell the multisite websites.

Thanks guys!