protect info in TEXT widget to certain membership levels

I’ve got the membership plugin working, and I’ve got an access level set up, which uses the following shortcode: [level-diamond-vip]

I’m using the normal Appearance > Widgets, TEXT widget added to my Page sidebar which shows on all pages of my site.

for the text widget, I’m using a Title: [level-diamond-vip]Latest Member News[/level-diamond-vip]…because I only want the title to show up for that level’s members.

And within the TEXT widget, I have the following text:

[level-diamond-vip]We’ve just added a NEW live Q&A Session scheduled for next week. Click the Q&A Sessions menu for more information.[/level-diamond-vip]

The short codes are showing on the live page, and they are not restricting it to just that level.

So, how can I make the member level shortcuts work with the text widget? Or is there an alternative method I could use to accomplish the same thing?