Protected Content and Conditional Menus

I am installing and configuring Protected Content. It looks robust and smart and I think I will be very pleased with its functionality.

Meanwhile, I am looking to develop two main navigational menus: one for logged in users and one for not-logged-in users. I found this page and these resources: However, neither of the recommended plugins seem very current or very vetted. And so I would rather create two distinct menus. And in my php template write a conditional statement of the variety: if $user-logged-in show Members Menu else show Public Menu. Where both Menus are already created and defined in WordPress. That way I can avoid plugins and can maintain those menus separately in WordPress. It seems like this shouldn’t be too hard to do. I suppose I’m just looking for hints from WPMU how to write that conditional statement to get along with the Protected Content plugin. There must be standard hooks/language for “Is user logged in” – I just don’t know what it is. OR: Is this request something I can manage with Protect Content > Add-ons > Advanced Menu Protection? I thought that add-on should provide this functionality; but I couldn’t sort it out. Thank you.