Protected Content Automatically Sends Confirmation Emails

When you run the import in Protected Content from Membership, it automatically emails all your members. It's created quite a stir for my members tonight. The emails should be turned off by default upon install. Just a heads up @Timothy

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey schoolofbookkeeping,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I just tested this out on my install and it didn't send out the email to the members I imported. What did the email say that was sent? That should help us hunt down the cause here :slight_smile:

    Were the memberships being imported paid ones? or was it sending emails to both paid and non-paid?

    Thanks for bringing this up! I think there should at least be an option to turn off the emails as well if this is the case.

    Look forward to hearing back :slight_smile:


  • Philipp Stracker

    Thanks for the feedback!

    When we tested the import function today we were not able to reproduce the issue you describe. Also the code did not indicate that the import would send any emails to your users.

    Just to make sure that the import process will never send out emails we have added a new condition that explicitely disables all automated emails during the Import. This change is included in the next update (, later today)

    Since I don't think that the import itself triggered the emails I'd be happy to get some more information from you:
    1. Are you certain that the emails were sent during the import, or maybe a few hours later?
    2. What is the payment-plan of the imported Memberships (free/single-payment/recurring-payment/...)
    3. Please let us know, which exact email was sent. Check the text in "Protected Content > Settings > Automated Email Responses" and let us know which of these emails was sent to your members.
    4. We're happy if you can grant us Support-Staff access to your installation. We'd like to check the Subscription details of some members in more detail. If you grant access, please give us 2-3 members names that were affected, so we can check these members

    Thanks, Philipp

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