Protected content error: Notice: Undefined index: withcomments in /home8/fitcampu/public_html/wp-c

Hi, I am getting a new error after installing protected content and fixing one other one.

I had one before but I fixed it. I followed the instructions on this page as I had the same bug:

Once I replaced the code then this popped up:

Notice: Undefined index: withcomments in /home8/fitcampu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/protected-content/app/class-ms-rule.php on line 244

I have been searching for solutions but can't find anything particular on it.


Just to add:
I noticed that my slider, at the top of my page does not load when I visit my site when I am not logged in. Also, just realized that none of the pictures load either. I get the error at the top of the page.
When I log in the slider is present and I get no error code.

Update - I just uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled. Changed the code for line 548 again
Now there is no error code at all, just the slider and pics are missing on the first page.