Protected Content - feature Request

hi guys, this is a follow up to some messages we exchanged today with regards to Protected Content. I also spoke to Jude during the live chat and he suggested I make a feature request.
So here some info on what I believe would be a great feature to add to Protected Content and some suggestions to perhaps get started (I'm no programmer though!).

It is a fairly common practice to store membership downloadable files on Amazon S3. If a site gives user access to downloadable materials, it is usually good to have the content (especially when it consists of large files such as mp4's or zip files) stored and delivered by Amazon S3 via CloudFront.

The feature request is for Protected Content to also seamlessly integrate with Amazon for file storage so that files can be served directly from the Amazon servers and so that the links are "disguised" as appearing from the website.

To get you started I strongly suggest you have a look at the open source code of S2Member, a popular membership plugin (the one I have been using so far and love, but have fallen more deeply in love with Protected Content now!!). S2Member integrates with Amazon S3 and CloudFront and their implementation is pretty awesome!

I'm attaching a file that could be the one to look at, but I'm not too sure!

During my research today I also found a plugin called Amazon S3 and CloudFront that does a similar job.
Once added to a Wordpress site it will create a copy on Amazon S3 of any file uploaded to the website. The original files can also be automatically deleted. Then the plugin changes the URL of all media files in Wordpress to the URL of the file on Amazon S3.
A further step is to create a CloudFront distribution for the S3 Bucket and configure CNAMES so that files appear to be delivered from our website's url, instead of Amazon.

I suspect that, if integrated seamlessly within Protected Content (meaning, easy to implement for users, so that all they do is simply use a shortcode to add a file that will be delivered from Amazon - in a masked way) this feature would be used by most people using Protected Content. Delivering media from our server is a bad practice and it will slow our sites down!

Hope you can consider this feature!