Protected Content Hiding Multiple Plugins/Shortcode Content


I've been trying to find the cause and fix for this issue for a few hours now. I've tried using two separate plugins that display team members on my site but both are hidden when I have Protected Content activated. I've inserted the team plugin's shortcodes on unprotected/public pages - when a visitor isn't logged in the content from these shortcodes is completely hidden - when logged in the content is displayed. I've played around with different settings in both Protected Content and the plugins but the only thing that allows them to work is deactivating Protected Content. It's odd because only the content from the plugin itself is hidden, other parts of the page (like title & tabs) are displayed, and no Protected Content message is shown in place of the plugin content.

I've granted support access to my site, please take a look. Here's a link to the page that isn't displaying correctly:


  • aristath

    Hello there @Killian, I hope you're well today!

    Thank you for granting us access to your dashboard.
    I believe the problem is not the shortcode itself but Visual Composer.
    Visual composer works by nesting shortcodes, so perhaps this is where the problem exists.

    Could you please try using the classic WordPress editor instead of VC and entering the shortcode directly in the text editor? Does it work if you do it that way?

    Please advise,

  • Killian

    Hi Ari,

    Thanks for the quick response. I tried what you suggested but Protected Content is still hiding the plugin content, here's the test page: - as with the other page it only displays when I'm signed in.

    I've used many plugins/shortcodes with VC on multiple sites and haven't had an issue with the shortcodes being nested. It's odd because other plugins (like Gravity Forms) are working fine on my site yet two different team showcase plugins (from two separate companies) are being blocked by Protected Content.

    I thought maybe the word "members" was being blocked in the plugin coding somehow because I have "/members/" in URL Groups but removing that rule didn't fix the issue so I'm totally lost.


  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi Killian,

    I have just checked your site and made a small change - I think it is working now. Can you confirm this?
    Btw: I had to open the page with URL "" to bypass cache. Once I did this the team-shortcode also worked for guests.

    What I changed:
    I activated the Add-on "Custom Post Type Protection - Post by Post"
    There is a known bug with the Custom Post Type protection that hides custom-post-types in certain circumstances. By activating that add-on we have switched to an alternate protection logic that is working.
    The bug is fixed in the next release which is coming soon!

    Thanks, Philipp :slight_smile: