Protected Content Hiding Multiple Plugins/Shortcode Content


I've been trying to find the cause and fix for this issue for a few hours now. I've tried using two separate plugins that display team members on my site but both are hidden when I have Protected Content activated. I've inserted the team plugin's shortcodes on unprotected/public pages - when a visitor isn't logged in the content from these shortcodes is completely hidden - when logged in the content is displayed. I've played around with different settings in both Protected Content and the plugins but the only thing that allows them to work is deactivating Protected Content. It's odd because only the content from the plugin itself is hidden, other parts of the page (like title & tabs) are displayed, and no Protected Content message is shown in place of the plugin content.

I've granted support access to my site, please take a look. Here's a link to the page that isn't displaying correctly: