Protected Content is restricting access to marketpress product pages

There have been a few posts regarding this issue but nothing that pointed to a single site solution. Here is a description of the problem I am experiencing.

A user that has not authenticated in the website who accesses information as if they are a normal site visitor is able to view the store and subsequent product pages however if that user logs in to the site and has a membership through Protected Content, they can view the store but none of the subsequent product pages which they are redirected to the protected content page.

A note regarding my set-up- I am using Protected Content merely for the recurring membership functionality and the ability to use Stripe and trial versions. I do not have any restricted or protected content at this time, nor are any of those settings configured. How can I release the access to product pages?

To bypass this issue, I have had to turn off content protection in the Protected Content settings menu to access the product and add it into the shopping cart for the client.

As an admin, I am able to access all pages without any issue, perhaps a hint that this is an issue with users automatically put at a subscriber role when joining?

Support access is granted to look deeper.