Protected Content – Membership Level Registration – Misaligned Tag

I have Protected Content (PC) set up and have two membership levels in place. One of these membership levels (Basic Membership) allows visitors to self-register (free).

When an un-logged-in user encounters a protected area – PC displays the login form, with a link below that allows unregistered users to register. OK – works fine.

BUT – when the user registers the logic flow is odd. The page displays as per the attached screen-shot AFTER the user has filled in their registration details.

Two concerns about this …

(1) the user has already filled in the registration form – so its confusing to see it again.

(2) the partial html displayed (see green arrow) make me think there is an error on that page and how its generated.

That page – is auto-generated by the plugin – I didn't embed any shortcode.

I have enabled support access – in case this is something the support gurus can resolve by looking under the covers.

Thanks in advance.