Protected Content membership shortcodes conflicting with each other

Ok, So I am transitioning from membership to protected content. I am manually adding users who have paid subscriptions and everything is going fine or so i think.

I created a test user with access to two simple memberships. In membership I only used shortcodes b/c of negative rules conflicting with multiple memberships(i reverted back when you took multiple memberships away as i was told you were re-writing the plug-in and then was told later that you were releasing protected content to handle multiple memberships) Anyway my issue is I created a "my subscriptions" page for members to go to in order to access each product they have access to. It was set up as follows:

Only users with access to Page 2 would see this content

[level-page-3] and so on and so on. I tried to do this exact same thing with protected content as I was told by jack it would still work, however when I tested this, a user who has access to both memberships(which grant access to different content all together) Only one of the subscriptions can be viewed on this page, not both. the second membership subscribed to shows up with the protected content message. What do i do? I renewed my membership to this site instead of going with a new plug-in due to the fact i was assured that this would all still work, however it is most-definitely not. I have my site shut-down in maintenance mode right now, and need to finish this switch over tonight, can someone please help me. I run a madden(video game) e-guide/strategy site, so obviously each product is different so it's not one membership for each user, some of my members buy every product that i put out. I am in a rough situation right now b/c the older version of membership i had to stay with is starting to give me errors with b/c of yall taking away multiple memberships is starting to conflict with the latest version of wordpress

Please help,