Protected Content: Need Help with Access to Classifieds & Other Issues

Hi guys,

Really having difficulty with this new Protected Content plugin. Stuff that worked easily in Membership seems complex or missing now.

In Membership, it was very easy to ensure that Visitors had access to specific content, and Members had access to everything else. This was easily accomplished by creating a Visitors access level and using a combination of positive and negative rules. Then on the Membership access level, essentially have no rules and a Member could access everything when associated with a role.

Am I understanding that now the concept is changed and I can only "protect" content? I want to tell the system that Members should have access to everything, and Visitors can have access to particular content (pages and content types).

1. How do I allow access to browse Classifieds for non-members AND members, meaning specifically what rule or setting will accomplish that? Again, I want ALL site visitors to be able to browse classifieds. I can't even get Members to access classified categories or classified posts, even using URL groups. It seems like there is no way to indicate the virtual directories created by Classifieds. I've tried these expressions:*)

3. If I want my Activity Stream to be my homepage, because that's what makes sense for Members, how do I make it so that the Protected Content page appears if a non-member/visitor accesses the homepage?

4. I have alignment issues on the Protected Content login page. I'm attaching two images which best illustrate this. You can see what's going on at this URL:

5. How do I prevent visitors/non-members from having direct access to Group URLs? For example, a non-member can access

6. How do I allow access to my shopping pages for visitors/non-members? I don't want to block non-members from shopping. I can see how I can protectthe shopping pages, but how do I allowthem for any site visitor?

7. The login area that now appears on a Protected Content page is nice, but alignment is all out of whack for me (not sure if it's theme related but I use BuddyBoss). I'm attaching two images that illustrate the issues and detail what I'm looking for.


Thanks very much for your help.


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi James!

    Let's try to tackle these one by one. : )

    1. If you want members and visitors to be able to access your classifieds, you'll need to remove the protection. With your set up (Simple) anything you don't protect should be visible to anyone. Try removing the URL group protection you currently have in place, and Classifieds should be visible again. Directory is almost an identical plugin, it doesn't have any protection currently, and it's visible to everyone.

    2. I don't actually see a two?

    3. You needed to protect your Newsfeeds page, which is the page you assigned to your BP activity page. I went ahead and protected it for you.

    4. This is likely to do with the theme CSS. You're using one of our themes, I see, but would you mind quickly and temporarily seeing if this still exists in a default WP theme? Thanks!

    5. You've got your settings correct here, and I could just confirm that I can see that page as a non-logged in user. This may be a bug, but let's do a quick plugin conflict test to be sure, if you don't mind. Thanks!

    6. As long as the pages are unprotected, they should be visible to everyone. As long as there's a way to get to that page they can see (i.e. a link in the navigation menu that's visible to all) you don't have to do anything to the shopping pages to make them visible.

    7. I think this might also be question 4? Let me know if I misread this!

    Thanks James! Looking forward to your responses.

  • James Wolfensberger
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Michelle, I'll try all that now. I'm afraid in terms of some settings we may have both been working at the same time with me trying stuff out of desperation so I'll make sure to follow your settings and report back.

    In the meantime, another question... with Membership, clicking on "Register" would take a site visitor first to the "Choose Subscription" page. It now take you to the regular sign-up page without allowing you to select a subscription. That seems weird, right?

    I tried putting /memberships/ into the Membership Site Pages but clicking the site "Register" button doesn't take me to the page where someone can select a membership.

    Thanks for your help!


    P.S. I think I deleted #2 in my first post... but I'll say I was just checking to see if you were paying attention, haha! :wink:

  • James Wolfensberger
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    1. I have removed the protection of Classifieds and visitors still can't access them. Classifieds is a menu item at and you'll see what happens if you visit.

    3. Even protected, if Newsfeed (site activity) is selected as the homepage, it isn't protected. You can see this as a visitor to

    4. Theme - gonna work on that shortly - more soon.

    5. Will try the plugin troubleshooting asap - more soon.

    6. I don't have any MarketPress shopping related pages protected anywhere that I know of, but they are nonetheless blocked for a site visitor. You can see this at by clicking on the menu items for Shop.

    7. Yep, I repeated the same question.. duh! Between that and forgetting a #2, you can tell how my head is spinning from this new plugin :wink:

    And I just added another issue about the registration page in the post preceding this one.

    Thanks for helping me!


  • James Wolfensberger
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I hope it's not getting confusing that I am posting more than once. This is my 3rd item since your first response.

    I can't get Groups to be protected. Here's an example of group that should be protected:

    I have*) in my protected URLs, but it's not effective. That's confusing because*) *IS* working to protect Q&A.

    I'm sorry to moving through this issues so quickly. We're trying to get this site open and I would prefer to avoid bringing on members under Membership, then later converting to Protected Plugin.

  • James Wolfensberger
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Another issue (sorry!) to go with the 3 previous posts above...

    I now have all the register links directing to the page properly that allows the user to choose a subscription. That's good. But once the click "Sign Up," then get a really messy registration page that is missing all the normal BuddyPress extended fields. Under Membership plugin, this all worked flawlessly... a person would select a Membership subscription level, click Sign Up, and would be taken to the normal BuddyPress/WordPress registration page with all the extended fields. Here's a snapshot attached.


  • James Wolfensberger
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Michelle, I'm running into too many issues. I can't use this plugin. I'll have to wait for updated versions and the migration tool from Membership to Protected Content. I'd list them off but I don't need to take your time with this any further today. I'll just hope for better results in a few months after the developers get feedback and update the plugin further.

    Thanks for your time today.

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