Protected content not protected and shortcodes showing up everywhere.

Just trying out membership lite in my sandbox. I followed along using the Quick Start Guide in the dashboard (which is really good by the way). But still my setup doesn't work :slight_frown:

Following the setup guide:

Create your categories - Check: two created "Free" and "Paid"

Create some shortcodes - Check: One shortcode "paid". Check: Shortcodes to be protected by default. Check: Helpful message..."Sorry, you need to pay to access this content."

Create a no access page - Check: Create a no-access page, and then select it in the membership options panel.

Create a registration page - Check: Create a registration page, and then select it in the membership options panel.

Disable WordPress registration - Check

Create your download groups - Check: create some groups in the options panel and be sure to set the masked url value.

Create your levels - Check: Create some levels, activate them and then do not forget to set the stranger level in the options panel. "Free" and "Paid"... "Free" set to stranger level

Create your subscriptions - Check: create some subscriptions, activate them and set to "public" those that you want a user to be able to sign up to. "PAid" subscription setup, activated and made public

Setup your Payment gateways - Check: Choose and activate the payment gateways that you want to accept - make sure you edit any settings with your account details. Paypal Sandbox Setup.

Enable the Protection - Check: Finally, scroll up to the top left of this page and click on the link labelled "Disabled" to switch on the membership protection for your site.

So everything is done but take a look at this screen shot. My shortcode is appearing all over the place and I can see the post. (I shouldn't see the post since I opened up a different browser so I wouldn't be logged in to the site.)

Any idea what's going on?