Protected content page design is broken

Hi There,

I have installed Membership plugin into my Buddypress setup. I have installed my custom theme into it. The problem is, whenever I try to access protected content, it shows me the protected content message (that is good). But the page loads with default Buddypress classes and Ids in all HTML tags (means, it doesn’t load with my theme css classes and Ids). If I access the same page with admin user, it loads with my theme css classes and Ids.

For e.g. I try to compose the private message (it is added in negative rules for normal users) with a normal user. It shows me protected content message which is set from membership plugin admin panel, but the page design is broken. Because it hasn’t the classes and Ids which I have assigned in my custom theme.

If I try to compose the private message using admin user, it loads completely fine as per my custom theme design.

What should I do in this case? Any idea to resolve this out?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: