Protected Content Page Editing

The check-out or registration process seems to work fine, but I'm experiencing some issues which are most likely related to the theme but which could be more easily repaired by having the ability to page edit.

Specifically: Pages - Register & Memberships use shortcode. On my particular theme, the content expands to use full-width, I'm able to edit this in my theme using AtticThemes Box Builder let's me place the Protected Content shortcode in a more confined/centered box within some CSS. However, when a user then clicks on their choice the shortcode during the registration stages, the membership & registration pages re-populates with new content within the page and I cannot edit or change the layout. The result (according a few test subjects) has been confusing layouts during registration and check-out. Note the difference in page layouts between the following: AND .../register YOU must click the buttons to proceed to the next step to see what I mean. I have screen shots. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

My questions are: Is there an easier way to edit this without having to go into the DB? Is there room for this expanded editing function in a future upgrade to the plugin? OR Is it possible to shrink the checkout/registration process to a single page? Select Membership Type, Fill in Personal Details, Confirm and Pay Pop-Up.

Thanks guys!!! You've all been really helpful and love the service and products!!!!!!!!! Cheers Brad - Olivprss