Protected Content page not showing a title


I’m nearly finished setting up my Membership site and I noticed that my Protected content page isn’t showing a page title. I’m using page title’s as part of the design of the site and need to get something in there.

The URL where you can view the site is here:

If you click on the “Subscriber Picks” link, you are directed to the category/page for this protected content however the text I’ve entered into my ‘Protected Content’ page is being displayed. Unfortunately it is not taking the page title.

I’ve also attempted to create a custom page template for this setting where I would hardcode the title of the page however this doesn’t seem to be working either.

Ideally I would like either the title to show up on my page or for the visitor to be directed to the No Access page located at

I noticed that a feature was added in the Membership 1.1 beta to redirect to the protected page however I installed this and it didn’t seem to be working so I’ve reverted back to the most current production version of the plugin.

Any ideas? I’d like to get this solved soon if possible.